The BISON Web Service APIs have been updated. A summary of the enhancements to the APIs include:

Please check the API page for complete details.

The application supports both Spherical Mercator and Plate Carree projection. The particular version of Plate Carree that the application supports is EPSG:4326 (longitude/latitude). EPSG:4326 has different axis ordering (the specification of longitude, latitude or latitude, longitude) depending upon who you ask. The EPSG Geodetic Parameter Registry defines EPSG:4326 as latitude, longitude. The Open Geospatial Constorium (OGC) defines the axis ordering depending upon what version of WMS you are using. Before WMS version 1.3 the axis ordering was longitude, latitude. WMS version 1.3 specifies an axis ordering of latitude, longitude. BISON supports WMS 1.1.1 and the axis ordering of longitude, latitude. The BISON OGC WMS only supports the EPSG:3857 Spherical Mercator coordinate system.

BISON API Examples

Below are several demos have been created using the BISON API to enable developers and scientists to create unique custom applications.

Brook Trout Occurrences in Mount Desert Island

Brook Trout Occurrences

Occurrence records for Brook Trout on Mount Desert Island

National Heat map of Blue Jays

National Heat map of Blue Jays

Distribution of Blue Jays displayed on heat map of the United States.

Simple Species Map

Simple Species Map

An extremely simple Species Map. Type in a species name, get a map